About Us

Established in 1988 under the stewardship of Andrew Maggion, Merlin Industries, Inc. embarked on a modest journey that has since burgeoned into our present-day stature as an industry vanguard. At its inception, our vision was singular: to craft swimming pool safety covers of unparalleled quality, precision, and efficacy, all while upholding the pillars of excellence in delivery, communication, and customer care. Since those nascent beginnings, Merlin has remained steadfast in its commitment to innovation, consistently charting new horizons in product development and service provision.

Throughout our trajectory, Merlin Industries has fostered collaborative partnerships with dealers and distributors, engendering a collective synergy in the conceptualization and realization of pioneering products and services. Presently, our repertoire boasts the most comprehensive array of material options within the safety cover sphere, alongside a diverse spectrum of vinyl liner designs tailored to complement any backyard oasis.

Today, Merlin Industries, Inc. stands tall as a paragon of manufacturing prowess within our industry. With production facilities situated in Hamilton, NJ, and Deer Park, NY, our evolution since 1988 is a testament to the symbiosis of innovation and industriousness. Acknowledging the ever-evolving needs and expectations of our dealers and their clientele, Merlin remains resolutely committed not merely to meeting but surpassing customer expectations. Our paramount objective is to derive fulfillment from the work we do, the colleagues we collaborate with, and the customers who afford us the privilege of being the preeminent manufacturer of safety covers, vinyl liners, and spa covers in the United States.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your interest in our products and heritage. It is with anticipation that we anticipate the opportunity to craft a product tailored to you and your family’s needs.

Our Eco Story

Reducing waste, increasing our recycling efforts, and generating our own power - at Merlin, we are focused on reducing our company's impact on our environment. We are proud to call ourselves an Environmentally Conscious Organization which is why we named our green initiative ECO for short.

​In the past 5 years, Merlin Industries, Inc. has reduced our landfill impact by over 80%.* By initiating recycling programs throughout our offices and our plant, Merlin currently recycles items such as office paper, bottles and cans as well as raw material waste such as vinyl liner scraps, safety cover material scrap, cardboard, pallets, and EPS foam scraps from our spa covers. Although all of our products are made with 100% virgin materials for a top-quality product, our waste materials are recycled for use in other industries.

In 2022, Merlin Industries started carrying ReNew vinyl liners, the first and only sustainably made, high-performance pool film. Merlin Industries also partnered with our supplier of Renew on the ReNew Champions Program. This program allows local dealers to bring used liners to Merlin Industries and recycle them which gives them new life in products outside of the pool industry such as roofing material.

Merlin Industries also partnered with 4Ocean in 2022. We sponsored the removal of 25,000 lbs of trash from our rivers and oceans.

Solar Renewable Energy

At Merlin, we are proud to announce the completion of our conversion to renewable power at our Hamilton, NJ Corporate Headquarters. The installation of our Photovoltaic Array was completed in December of 2009 by The Solar Center from Rockaway, NJ.

The system which is designed to handle all of our office and manufacturing plant's electrical needs on a daily basis, consists of over 1400 solar panels! It takes up 75% of our 100,000-square-foot building!

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