Merlin 2019 Complete Liner Collection

Amelia Island

All Over Pattern With Texture

All over pebble embossing on rich cerulean blue vinyl gives your pool the ambiance of a tropical getaway.

Anchor Bay Tile

Miramar Bottom

Anchor Bay’s detailed mosaic and deep blues offer a beautiful complexity that adds reflection and depth to any pool.

Aster Tile

Ocean Breeze Bottom

Aster Tile and Ocean Breeze bottom are bursting with modern colors and shapes.

Blue Trinidad Tile

Jamaica Bottom

The alternating blues in this tropical color scheme offer an unparalleled level of reflectiveness in bright sunshine and seamlessly fuse with the water.

Brighton Beach

All Over Pattern with Luster

Metallic silver marble highlights add a sparkle on this bright azure backdrop.

Cape Charles Tile

Runaway Bay Bottom

With geometric lines and an attractive metallic color scheme, the Cape Charles pattern merges modern taste with the reflective look of water.

Cape Elizabeth Tile

Oceanside Bottom

Incorporating grays and browns, the Cape Elizabeth pattern creates a natural lagoon look with beautiful teal colored water and a high-end, multi-faceted tile at the top.

Caswell Beach Tile

Sandy Point Bottom (All Textured)

Bright white vinyl with an all-over texture give the feel of a gunite pool and the serenity of a white sand beach.

Cocoa Beach Tile

Miramar Bottom

The Cocoa Beach pattern merges mosaic with modern in a complimentary look that is both luxurious and arresting.

Compass Blue Tile

Blue Lagoon Bottom

Classic water-like floor and a diamond-like tile are a classic and upscale look.

Corolla Beach Tile

Outer Banks Bottom

Admired for cheerful tile look, widely regarded color scheme and beauty beneath the water, Corolla is one of our longest running patterns

Crown Haven Tile

Gold Coast Bottom

A classic, natural slate tile embellished with medallions beautifully complement the warm pebble floor.

Crystal Cove Tile

Brava Beach Bottom

Crystal Cove Tile has the unique look of stained glass. The beautiful pattern also features a geometric pattern on the floor for a modern look that is unique and attractive.

Diamond Cliff

Blue Pointe Bottom

Relax and unwind with this soothing interwoven tile pattern of rich, ocean-like hues

Eagle Beach Tile

Gold Coast Bottom

The Eagle Beach tile incorporates the high-end look of natural stacked stone with a pebble bottom that’s both detailed and attractive.

Fraser Island Tile

Outer Banks Bottom

This contemplative color scheme evokes a modern look with a wavy, retro-like pattern sure to add character to any backyard design.

Gladstone Tile

Sandy Point Bottom (All Textured)

Bright white vinyl with an all-over texture give the feel of a gunite pool and the serenity of a white sand beach.

Hampton Bays Tile

Blue Lagoon Bottom

For natural pools, perhaps even incorporating a rock waterfall, Hampton Bays is the ideal complement with its’ faux-stone tile and darker bottom.

Herringbone Tile

Island Granite Bottom

Using natural colors and textures found in stone, Herringbone Tile adds sophistication to any backyard.

Holden Beach

All Over Pattern with Luster

Deep blue and gray hues are pure elegance while areas of shimmer ink create a 3 dimensional illusion.

Jamaica Tile

Jamaica Bottom

By far one of our most popular patterns, Jamaica creates the feeling of a tropical getaway with complimentary blues and greens reminiscent of the ocean.

Key Largo Tile

Blue Lagoon Bottom

For lovers of abstract design, this pattern mixes the tropical with a hint of modern using flowing, intangible lines with bright shades of blues and sandy browns.

Luxe Gemstone Tile

Ocean Breeze Bottom

Take a dip in luxury with this modern gemstone tile pattern.

Marbella Tile

San Pedro Bottom

Offering the perfect balance of blue shades across a retro tile design, this modern pattern will add the finishing touch to any contemporary backyard.

Marco Island Tile

Morro Bay Bottom

Fitting for a homeowner looking to pull in the look and feel of a beach getaway, Marco Island creates a relaxing escape reminiscent of the ocean.

Mission Beach Tile

Princeville Bottom

An electric blue base film creates dimension in both the tile pattern and the swirling floor. Mission Beach also features extra UV and chemical protection.

Ocho Rios Tile

Blue Cove Bottom

Our longest running AquaMax pattern, Ocho Rios creates the feeling of a tropical getaway with complimentary blues and greens reminiscent of the ocean. Ocho Rios features extra UV and chemical protection.

Opal Bay

All Over Pattern with Luster

Rich cobalt blue and luster inks sparkle and shine while creating a stunning ambiance for any pool.

Palmetto Bay Tile

Brava Beach Bottom

For homeowners who love the Caribbean, Palmetto Bay's many shades of blue create the feeling of a warm, sandy beach on a tropical island.

River Island Tile

Lakeside Bottom

River Island tile rolls along just like a rambling river.

Rosalie Bay Tile

Harbour Island Bottom

Stunningly realistic glass tile pattern adds a dazzling elegance to a backyard space.

Royal Island Tile

Sea Storm Bottom

With the movement and hues of a stormy sea, this liner pattern embraces the brilliant and darker blues.

Sailor's Bay Tile

Harbour Island Bottom

Sarasota is a classic tile with a modern twist; the deep blues are stunning!

Sandy Cay Tile

Runaway Bay Bottom

Perfectly corresponding to the name, Sandy Cay evokes feelings of just that – a natural, sandy beach glittering in the sunlight.

Sanibel Tile

Highland Beach Bottom

The Sanibel Tile is reminiscent of a rocky beach next to beautiful tropical water. This natural looking tile has inset mosaic stones and gives pool water a stunning light blue shade.

Sarasota Tile

Sea Storm

Sarasota is a classic tile with a modern twist; the deep blues are stunning!

Sea Blossom Tile

Blue Pointe Bottom

Intricate florals and tropical vibes combine with Sea Blossom Tile for a fun and unique aesthetic.

Sebastian Beach Tile

Port Royal Bottom

Pulling inspiration from popular floral interior designs, Sebastian Beach’s harmonious color scheme is eye-catching and complimentary to a thoroughly landscaped backyard.

Shelter Cove

All Over Textured Pattern with Luster

Swirl-like texture and shimmer inks create a great amount of movement and sophistication on a deep vinyl base.

Siesta Key Tile

Blue Reef Bottom

Siesta Key’s classic look and symmetrical lines can bring balance and proportion to your swimming pool for a high-end look that compliments any backyard.

Treasure Beach Tile

Blue Cove Bottom

Treasure Beach’s glittering tile and gemstone design sparkle alongside the pool water for luxurious look not found in other designs. Treasure Beach is also an AquaMax pattern featuring extra UV and chemical protection.

Vivara Tile

Miramar Bottom

For homeowners looking to incorporate more tangible design elements into the swimming pool, the Vivara pattern offers a classy, beautiful take on the dolphin design element.

Windswept Tile

Lakeside Bottom

Get whisked away to a tropical getaway with the movement and motion of Windswept Tile.