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Easy Entry Steel Steps Benefits

Easy Entry Steel Steps are secured into the pool wall with a unique bracket system. This attachment provides strength and security and helps prolong the life of the vinyl liner installed over the steps.

Easy Entry Steps are made from the highest quality steel and hardware to ensure durability and an overall long-lasting product. 

Merlin’s Easy Entry Steel Steps come in a variety of standard shapes and sizes, as well as can be custom designed and ordered for a completely personalized look to your vinyl liner pool. 

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Wedding Cake Step with Benches

Our 6” Wedding Cake Step with benches can give the pool a look of almost a complete remodel, although easier and cheaper, if added during a liner change. Your family and guests deserve a place to relax in the water on a hot summer day and the Wedding Cake Step with Benches makes the perfect addition.

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Wedding Cake Step

Our 6” Wedding Cake Step is perfect for those looking to add a unique design element to their pool in-ground vinyl liner pool. Ideal for addition to any straight wall, this design gives you the ability to add almost anywhere in the pool. 

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Corner Step with Benches

Our 7’9” exciting variation to the corner step includes two benches on either side to add an even more social aspect to your swimming pool hang outs. 

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Corner Step

Our 7’9” Corner Step is our most popular request, fitting in most geometric in-ground vinyl liner pools. Functional and easy to install, this step is the perfect addition any time you plan to change your vinyl liner.  

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