The Duke Staircase

The smaller size Aqua Staircase, called the Duke, is 42.5" x 28.5 x 40.5. Ideal for smaller above ground pools, this simple to install staircase can be easily moved if necessary. The Aqua Staircase features stainless steel hardware and white PVC handrails. Custom ballast bags are provided with each staircase*.

*Ballast (Sand, Pea Gravel, etc.)

Limited warranty : 1 year from date of purchase on product and parts against defects in materials and/or manufacturing. We will not be responsible for labor, materials, freight, consequential damage or any other expenses beyond the cost of the Aqua Staircase itself. If you believe you have a warranty claim, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the Aqua Staircase. Damage caused by leaving the step in the water when temperatures drop below freezing, or damage due to by improper installation, abuse or subjecting the Aqua Staircase to weights higher than the limit indicated by Merlin Industries, Inc. or use in a commercial environment render the warranty null and void.


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